Growing up, 2003
(consists of 35 images.)

I worked on this project during the autumn of 2003 when I first moved back to Sweden after three years of living in London. All 35 images are shot in Skärhamn which is a small town on the west coast of Sweden where I lived until I was 18. The series starts with my first memory of a toy truck and ends with me reading a letter, which in fact was the trigger for this whole project. I guess it’s all about facing the past, reminiscing and moving on.

I prefer the series to be viewed from beginning to end therefore I haven’t made an index of all the pictures.

If I haven't lost you already.. I hope you like it.

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p e r s o n a l

On the road

Growing Up



Untitled #2

m u s i c


The Rolling Stones

a s s i g n m e n t s

Skärhamns Folktandvård

Tjörns Sommarteater

Apotekets Tidning

Nautisk Tidskrift


Various weddings

w e d d i n g

Without a view

Jesse Malin

New York Dolls